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Coming September 1, 2009
"Vernon Drozd and The Texas Brass 40th
Anniversary Edition" CD and digital download
including a bonus song not on the original album!

Recognized as "ahead of their time" in the world of
polka, Vernon Drozd and The Texas Brass
energized polka by mixing a bit of big band swing, a
touch of south Texas country and western, a little
rockabilly, and a whole lot of Czech polka.

This all-star cast of musicians include such
legends as
Vernon Drozd - Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet
Gene Lichnovsky - Piano, Trumpet
Brian McWhirter - Bass, Trombone, Vocal
Johnnie Voldan - Trumpet
James (Jimmy) Ryza - Drums
Otis Pitts - Saxophone
Morris (Sonny) Hall - Guitar

Additional legendary musicians include
Jimmy Copeland - Acoustic Guitar
Norman Barnes - Tuba
Eddie Copeland - Trumpet, Saxophone
Tom Martin - Drums

All songs were arranged by the great Eddie
Vernon Drozd BG
Original 1969 album notes
Due to growing popularity of Vernon Drozd and the Texas Brass, fans
have been requesting an album of numbers with the Vernon Drozd
sound. Much time has gone into this great album to assure you of many
hours of wonderful entertainment.

Vernon Drozd is accepted by musicians, and the public alike, from
coast to coast as being one of the greatest saxophone players today.
He has surrounded himself with musicians who have mastered their
instruments. This combination, with original and authentic
arrangements, makes this great band stand out from all the rest.

No artist has achieved such acceptance in such a short period of time,
and the road gets shorter every day for Vernon Drozd.

Vernon Drozd has been in the entertainment business practically all his
life. He started playing professionally at the tender age of fourteen. He
was born and reared in the small Czech community of Moravia, Texas
near Hallettsville. He worked on the small family ranch after school, but
always found time to practice his music.

Everyone that has ever met Vernon loves him and immediately become
ardent fans, due to his sincerity and love for his fellow man.

Everyone agrees one of the great factors in his fast rise to success is
his determination to please every person he has the opportunity to
perform for.