Steve Sosa
    Having the unique style of such Windham Hill artists as William Ackerman and Alex Degrassi, Steve Sosa's guitar playing is
    also mixed with a touch of Jimmy Page's and Steve Howe's acoustic style.  Steve's melodies paint beautiful pictures in your
    mind while still being able to capture the imagination of all aspiring guitarists.

    Steve Sosa's first album, "Day's End" was released in 2004 and has received much praise.  He is currently working on his
    much anticipated follow-up album.

    You can hear song samples and find out more about Steve at or at
Rhythm Signal
    Rhythm Signal is a twisted Dr. Jekyll - Mr. Hyde musical experiment created by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Fucik.  Mr. Anderson, the
    main driving force behind Rhythm Signal calls the two personalities Trance Rock and Controlled Noise. Comparisons span
    a wide range of music including Tool, Pink Floyd, Mr. Bungle, King Crimson and many more.

Rhythm Signal's debut Ep "Unexpected Improv" was released in 2004 and still continues to shock unexpecting ears.  They
are now currently working on a double disc album inspired by the HBO series Carnivale.

You can hear song samples and find out more about Rhythm Signal at or at
    The Mike Ryza Trio
    The Mike Ryza Trio centers around the piano / keyboard playing abilities of Michael Ryza backed by Mr. Anderson and Mr.
    Fucik of Rhythm Signal.  The music is a mix of fusion, jazz, funk, progressive rock, and Latin music.

    MRT's debut album, "Full of Ideas" was released in 2005 to much praise.

    You can hear song samples and find out more about MRT at and at

Vernon Drozd and The Texas Brass

Coming September 1, 2009
"Vernon Drozd and The Texas Brass 40th Anniversary Edition" CD and digital download including a bonus song not on the
original album!
Recognized as "ahead of their time" in the world of polka, Vernon Drozd and The Texas Brass energized polka by mixing a bit
of big band swing, a touch of south Texas country and western, a little rockabilly, and a whole lot of Czech polka.

This all-star cast of musicians include such legends as
Vernon Drozd - Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet  Gene Lichnovsky - Piano, Trumpet  Brian McWhirter - Bass, Trombone, Vocal
Johnnie Voldan - Trumpet   James (Jimmy) Ryza - Drums  Otis Pitts - Saxophone  Morris (Sonny) Hall - Guitar

Additional legendary musicians include
Jimmy Copeland - acoustic guitar  Norman Barnes - Tuba  Eddie Copeland - Trumpet, Saxophone  Tom Martin - Drums

For song samples and other info check
Stealth Ninja is the brainchild of Stealth Ninja's songwriting, programming guitarist Jeremy Shelton.  Their combined sound
is a blend of rock, metal, electronics, and dance.

Watch for shows and album news in 2009.

You can hear song samples and find out more Stealth Ninja news at and at
    the anonymous wondertricks
    The Wondertricks are reminiscent of the late seventies, early eighties post-punk bands such as Devo and XTC, but with a
    quirky twist that brings to mind The Residents or Primus.
Welcome to the pop world of PiP.  They have a curious blend of old and new -  catchy 60's British rock mixed with the more
modern rock styles of bands like Weezer and Blur.
    The Funkee Kamakazees
    The Funkees will take you back to a time when the seventies action heroes were king.   They don't care what's in style
    because they plan to crash and burn with the funk.  If you want to know what they sound like, turn on the TV, find an old
    seventies action movie, and listen to those funky grooves playing in the background.
Taco Bill & The Cornbread Boys
    Wild rockabilly, swing and reverb drenched surfer rock from deep in the heart of Texas.  I'd like to give you more info but I
    couldn't understand a word these crazy rednecks said.