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    Rhythm Signal is a Dr. Jekyll - Mr. Hyde
    musical experiment that attempts to create a
    balance between the hypnotic and the chaotic.

    Rhythm Signal mix improvised music with
    structured songs.  The music styles range
    from simple tribal world music to complex
    progressive rock in opposition (RIO).  
    Comparisons span a wide range of music
    including Tool, Pink Floyd, Mr. Bungle, King
    Crimson and many more.

    Their debut EP, Unexpected Improv is a
    collection of improvised songs (with the
    exception of the bass part on P... M...) with Mr.
    Anderson on guitars, bass, voice, noises,
    screams, and screeches and Mr. Fucik on
    drums, boxes, children's toys, and a watering

    Currently Rhythm Signal is working on a
    double disc album called The Light and The
    Dark - Music Inspired by the HBO Series
Here is a sample of what's been said about
"Unexpected Improv".

-"This stuff really grows on you.  Every time I listen to
S.B.S., I hear things I didn't before.  It's amazing!"  
Stone - Katy, Texas

-"What the f**k is wrong with you people!  You're
seriously messed up!"  Jessica - Conroe, Texas

-"I love to crank up P... M... on the weekends and piss
off my neighbors."  Mike - Houston, Texas