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    The Mike Ryza Trio is a jazz fusion trio lead
    by Michael Ryza (keyboards) and backed by
    Mr. Anderson (bass) and Mr. Fucik (drums)
    of the band Rhythm Signal.  Their music is a
    mix of  jazz, fusion, Latin, funk, and
    progressive rock.

    Michael Ryza  (teacher, pianist)

    My name is Michael Ryza and I've been playing
    piano since the age of 7.  I have always loved
    music by Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Ravel,
    and Gershwin to name a few.  I was strongly
    influenced by jazz music at the end of high
    school and throughout college.  Then I was
    introduced to the progressive rock band
    Dream Theater by my two best friends.  I was
    instantly taken by their style of music and
    virtuosity.  I shortly began writing music
    incorporating all the styles of music I listened
    to over the years. My music is based on
    classic sonata form including traditional jazz
    with elements of progressive jazz and rock.  
    Each song creates an atmosphere or
    scenario for the listener to discover.  I have
    always wanted to record my own Cd.  
    Especially along side my two friends Mr. F and
    Mr. A, who share my passion for music.  I
    currently teach music at R.J. Wollam in Santa
    Fe, TX.  I love teaching and inspiring young
    students about music the same way I was
    influenced as a child.  I hope you love the Cd
    and can relate to the songs.  God bless and
    have a wonderful day.

    For information on Thomas or Jason please
    go to our Rhythm Signal page.